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This is the small website of Cymphonic (Stanley Swinkels). Cymphonic has official cd releases on Databloem and dataObscura. Available tracks are all in the ambient realm, just check the Music section and listen to the available musical stuff from Cymphonic, Vintage H and Tunguska (Stanley Swinkels & Erik Clignett). For questions or reactions you can mail.

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The latest Cymphonic album Dimensionata is out. CD and MP3 download are available at the website Databloem.com.

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Creating music started in the nineties, by experimenting with various Roland synths, drummachines and later on Yamaha grooveboxes Rm1x and RS7000. In all these years the main theme was loopbased music. But by embracing the full sonic capabilities of software sequencing and sound synthesis, the music evolved towards a more futuristic organic ambient, resulting in the surrealistic atmospheres found on the albums Phonema Sacrata, Strataradialis, Post Mortem Investigations (with Vintage H) and the latest album Dimensionata. There is a common thread through the albums: original sounds, recurring evocative themes, dreamy rhythms, field recordings and imaginative samples accumulating into a true ambient collage.